Læger som guds værktøj.


By Anne Mette Frederiksen

Jeg var slet ikke i tvivl om at Gud ønskede at jeg skulle læse medicin. Han havde talt meget tydeligt til mig omkring det. Alligevel var jeg i lang tid i tvivl om hvorfor. Hvorfor lære mig at behandle mennesker når han i stedet kunne lære mig at bede om helbredelse? Ville det ikke bringe Gud meget større ære? Jeg følte næsten at jeg var med til at støtte et samfund og en kultur som gør sig uafhængig af Guds kraft ved stadig at blive dygtigere og dygtigere til at behandle alle former for sygdomme.

Men hen ad vejen har Gud lært mig, at vi i virkeligheden arbejder mod samme mål: fuldstændig frihed og lægedom til ånd, sjæl og legeme. At samarbejde med Gud for at fremme hans rige på jorden er et stort privilegium som jeg er taknemmelig for, at han vil involvere mig i. At han gør det ved at bruge de gaver og talenter han har lagt i mig, tror jeg kun glæder ham! Samtidig viser Gud mig hans karakter ved at lade mig se, kreativiteten, detaljerigdommen og genialiteten ved hans skaberværk.

Jeg søger stadig helbredelsens nådegave. Jeg tror nemlig stadig på en balance mellem taknemmeligheden for teknologisk udvikling, men samtidig at forblive ydmyg og vide, at alt hvad vi har, er på grund af ham. Jeg ønsker at se mennesker helbredt, og jeg har valgt at stille mig til rådighed for Gud til at bruge mig til netop det, uanset om han ønsker at lade det ske ved bøn eller ved medicinsk behandling. Jeg er stadig afhængig af ham, for jeg ved at i sidste ende, er det kun ham der er opretholderen af alt liv.




God is a DJ too…

Merrill-Williams R.E.A.L. 101.jpg

By Steven Downey

God gave me a dream. I was in night club playing the music God had given me, and when I played it people were going from being drunk, to drunk in the spirit and set free. There was ministry happening all over the bar. People were getting healed and being saved. After that i didn’t know what to do with it, so i just left it alone. A year later I started to build a name and a sound. Now DJ Nevets is starting to get some traction in the the christian world, and a little bit in the secular world. Being a Christian DJ can be tough when it comes to picking the music, but i am getting started on producing my own tracks that is uplifting but still sick. Im just needing to get the right software to be able to get the flow of my sound going. I really believe that God is going to use this ministry to reach the people out in the world and touch people through music. When we stay in tune with God, we can then flow in the Spirit. All we need to do is listen to Gods voice and follow Him. Ministry in the night club will be intense, hard, but very rewarding. We need to be unashamed and we need to just do it. Let’s get out in the marketplace and rock the world for Jesus.

Be interested, not interesting.

By Jennifer January 

As a business student, I feel very encouraged to build my resume, expand my network, develop my skills, to make myself the best businesswoman I can be.  After all, I am earning a degree in business and investing my time and money to learn more about how to conduct business.  However, deep down I know that my purpose in life is not to become a CEO or a successful entrepreneur.  Yes, I could glorify God in either of those scenarios, and maybe that is God’s will for my life, I don’t know!  What I do know is that God has told all of us what our focus should be, and it’s not on ourselves.  It’s His kingdom.

Jesus didn’t walk around telling people about what a great carpenter He was, how many people He saved, or about how many people were following Him.  He focused on other people.  He asked about their lives and then found ways to love them.  Instead of immediately telling them what to do, he observed and asked questions, getting to know the individual before sharing his wisdom with them.  When Jesus spoke to people, it was out of a pure heart, desiring the best for them and for God.  What is our intention when speaking to people:  to build ourselves up or to love someone well?

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.  Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and turn away from evil. –Proverbs 3:5-7

Today, I choose to trust God with my career.  I will obey what His word says and focus on loving other people well.  I will find my self worth in God, not in my academic achievements or my LinkedIn connections.  The Lord of all the Earth created me and loves me unconditionally and will make my path straight.

Is monogamy a factor positively impacting success?

By Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen


According Napoleon Hill, the author of the worldwide bestseller “Think and Grow Rich” – A monogamous relationship with the right life partner is a driver for success. In chapter eleven of his book he describes how channeling sexual energy into a monogamous relationship enables it to serve greater constructive purposes beyond the momentanous satisfaction stemming from sexual activity from other sources. The core of the principle is that commitment and intimacy goes hand in hand. The principle rests on the premise that the right life partner can be a great help for you in reaching your goals. A danish proverb says: “The right partner doubles your joy of success and reduces pain of failure to half” (unknown author). When this partner is found, sex not only becomes just the joy of the moment but in addition an element of life that strengthens the bond to your dearest helper. However, countless people will argue that having sex without commitment can be productive and healthy as well. A few of the main reasons are listed below

  1. Sex with strangers is still healthy
  2. Sex is a joy of life that should be enjoyed as much as possible

1. Sex with strangers is healthy

While there is almost unanimous consensus amongst doctors that sex is healthy, what they are not counting when advancing this argument is the opportunity cost of not having this sex in a commited relationship. When expressing and accomodating sexual energy with a commited and faithful partner, you are strengthening the bond with this partner of choice. As such, sex does not just become a momentarily physical activity. If you are sexually engaged with your best friend and have not asked them to be your spouse, another post describes how commitment takes any relationship (even frindly and romantic) to the next level. As this post is about sexuality in relation to success, it will not seek deeper into the other aspects of sex, such as the spiritual and the mind body relationship. It is however important to mention that the author considers the mind and body as one, and thus believes the purely physical perspective presented above is amputated.

2. Sex is a joy of life

Napoleon Hills’ argument is alligned with this perspective, and whether the quality of the sex is better in long-term relationships is a discussion with powerful proponents and critics. When it comes to the question of success, Napoleon stresses that the sex drive of a person is the strongest drive possessed. As mentioned in the former points, the right life partner enables you to be stronger in your life, if a person has not found this special human being yet this drive can powerfully motivate you to take the action needed to find him/her, maybe you could be more outgoing or become a better listener. If however you let your sex drive lead you to different partners that does not have this potential, you will spend time your could have spend on finding that person, we all know a great life partner can be hard to find and we are not getting any younger.